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Private Money Lending
Made Easy

Automate your broker business

from application to closing...

with multiple lenders! 

Built For Brokers

You’re not a lender – so why use software designed for one?  Lending Automator was developed to help mortgage brokers manage their unique businesses from a single interface.

How it Works

Lending Automator Saves You
Time & Money

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Multi-Lender Support

Lending Automator allows you to work with virtually any private money lender, with custom document formats for each. Switching lenders midway through the application process is now painless. Previously collected documents are automatically converted to the new lender-specific documents, ensuring minimal disruption to your applicants.

Custom Document Formats

Centralized Loan Management

Easy File


Preconfigured for the Top Lenders

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Virtual Processor™ Technology

Lending Automator’s patent-pending Virtual Processor™ technology works 24/7 to keep your loans moving forward, automatically assigning tasks, sending reminders, collecting documents, and helping your clients e-sign right in the platform.

It’s Working – Even When You Aren’t.

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Custom Tasks Based on the Lender

E-sign Documents from Virtually Any Device

Applicant Portal Included

Includes a fully-featured portal for applicants to complete tasks and manage their loans from anywhere, regardless of lender.


The portal was carefully designed for ease of use, so you and your applicants can be up and running in minutes - no manual required.

Complete Tasks Online

Two-Way Messaging

Works On Any Device

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Comprehensive Feature Set

Centralized loan management

Works with multiple lenders

Branded application page

Applicant portal

Term sheet distribution

Term sheet acceptance

In-app communication

Detailed audit history and notes

Contact management

Visual pipeline status

Financial tracking

Audit trails

Virtual Processor™ technology

Automated task assignment

Seamless document collection

Custom document formats by lender

Alerts and reminders

Secure access anywhere, any device

No long-term contracts

No set-up fees 

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30 Day Free Trial
Then Only $99/Month


Enter as many deals as you want for one low price.

$49 Virtual Processor™

 Optional service on each application saves you time & money.

No Long-Term Contract 

Pay month-to-month or save when you enroll for a full year. 

No Onboarding or Setup Fees

Unlike others, Lending Automator doesn’t charge big fees to get started. 

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